Nothin’ Wrong with Nude

Nothin' Wrong with Nude

White top

Mother ripped skinny jeans
$395 –

Suede shoes

ChloƩ mini handbag
$820 –

Stainless steel jewelry
$80 –

Aviator glasses

$19 –


Game Over

Game Over

La Perla geometric print dress
$720 –

Yves Saint Laurent handle bag
$2,785 –

Rolex white dial watch

Set ring

Balmain moisturizing lipstick
$17 –

Distressing over you

Distressing over you

White crop top

WithChic blue jeans
$36 –

Alexis Bittar bracelet

Rebecca drop earrings
$125 –

Heart ring

Silver plated ring
$18 –

School Girl

School Girl

Mentally Stuck

Hi Everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been mentally blocked lately. Being apart of the fashion industry usually means you always need to be creative because that’s the talent. However, people reach bumps throughout their journey, and I’m one of them. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this but this is the first time I finished my first year at Parsons and have one semester to go before shit gets even more real. My main worry is where will I be in December…I know I be in debt from Parsons but will I get a full time job? Will I get to start my career as a Plus Size Fashion designer? I don’t want this niche to be one anymore. I want to make big changes within this industry. It will be a very slow process, but knowing I have the motivation proves I’ll make it!

Thanks for all of your support!