Project Crop-Top

Well, for all of you who didn’t know this already….I’m not a size “0” lol. Sorry I just had to start off with a joke. This pictures taken weren’t really random. I woke up this morning to see my sister @drvixenne tagged me on a post about BuzzFeed and them wanting “Fat Babes” in crop tops. So I did just that. This isn’t my first time wearing a crop top. I don’t feel any shame of my body. I literally could give two fucks what anyone thinks about me. I. Am. Me. No one has inspired me to ever wear crop tops. I think I just have been like who the fuck cares mentality. I mean really who cares what you wear? At the end of the day FASHION is your OWN OPINION! I always say that to my customers @citychiconline! As long as you are comfortable rock it! Like everyone I have struggled with weight loss, weight gain, eating disorders, and my body image. The older I get the more I become “who cares”. I got my belly button pierced almost a year ago because I wanted to. I think that alone has bettered how I self project myself. You live once you might as wear what you want and look hella fine as fuck doing it!11156268_10206759953025459_9118024739559022066_n


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