Fashionable Weekend

Fashionable Weekend

This past weekend I did a few things that involved me dressing up. I went to a birthday dinner for my friend, and I also attended WangoTango. I wore these two outfits for the events.

The black dress with the back chains were for my friend’s birthday dinner. I bought the dress online from Forever 21+ for $24.99. I thought that was amazing even though the dress is a one-time-wear in my opinion. The heels are Betsey Johnson (Stud Me Layer Cake Limited addition) between 6 and 7 inches. My foot kept on cramping up so they were mostly in my hand.

Black Chain Dress Size: 3X
(I am wearing Spanx with the dress to give myself a bit more curve).
Betsey Heels Size: 10

The other outfit I wore to WangoTango. The top is a floral flow tank-top from Torrid. The top is also see-through, I don’t mind that but if you do, you could always wear a tank-top underneath. The black skinny jeans are from Forever 21+. I really loved this outfit, I would totally wear it again for another outdoor/ hot event. It’s stylish and cute in my opinion. Also, how the top hugged my upper body made me feel comfortable and not “HUGE”.

Floral Top from Torrid Size: 3
Forever 21+ Jeans Size: 16


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