A couple of weeks ago I wore this outfit to go to the mall with a friend of mine. I usually wear all black if you notice in my past outfits I have posted. I love the color neon pink! I went shopping with one of my best friends and saw this shirt hanging on a hanger and it attracted my attention within seconds! I didn’t try it on it the store for reason I don’t feel comfortable sharing. The shirt is from Victoria Secret PINK clothing store, Black skinny jeans from Faith 21+, and I bought the converse at Journeys.

PINK Shirt Size: L
Pants Size: 16
Shoes Size: 10

I may be PHAT, but I like wearing skimpy shirts even though I wore a cardigan Size: 3X from Faith21 (it’s skin tight but I love it). I would go out without wearing the cardigan, but I Laser my arms so I make sure my arms are covered 99% of the time.



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