I don’t believe in diets. I have attempted the whole diet thing since I have been in middle school. I started taking diet pills in 7th grade between the ages of 12-13 years old. I have starved myself. I have even put my finger down my throat just so I can be “society ideal weight”. I have never gotten to that weight nor will I ever. It isn’t because I don’t work out or eat right. I do those things, but I also enjoy chocolate cake. I don’t think that is a crime being able to eat the things you enjoy in life. I had a nutritionist for over a year I lost 30 pounds, and I gained all the weight back and more. You want to know why? Because LIFE happens! I admit I don’t eat as healthy as I did when I had a nutritionist, but things happen. You can think I am making excuses for myself and maybe I am but over all if you are healthy why does it matter? I won’t apologize for not being 105 pounds. My weight doesn’t make my personality. If anything if I was that “skinny” or “acceptable weight” I would be way more stuck up than I am already.



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